Common Questions - Abandoned Cars

There is a car in my road which has been there for a few daRight Alignys and seems to be abandoned. What should I do?

Take a look at the vehicle and make a note of the following:
• The registration number
• Whether there is a current tax disc displayed
• Is the vehicle locked?
• Is there any damage to the vehicle inside or outside?

Do not touch the vehicle. Call your local police and they will check to see if it is stolen or suspicious. If it is not reported stolen, the Environmental Health Department at your local council can serve a 7 day notice on the vehicle. If it is not moved within those 7 days, the council can then arrange to remove it and have it scrapped.

People are starting to remove parts such as hubcaps and wheels from a car which has been abandoned. What should I do?

This is theft even though the vehicle appears to have been abandoned. If you witness this happening please call 999 with a full description of those responsible. The police will try to attend as quickly as possible to deal with those concerned. If this has happened some time ago call your local police and tell the operator what you saw. The police will then make appropriate enquiries.