Common Questions - Anti Social Behaviour

I have called the police about some young people causing a nuisance. Will the police attend and arrest them?

Anti-social behaviour is one of the major causes of problems in local communities and it accounts for a huge number of calls made to the police. The police have adopted a system of 'problem solving policing' to tackle the root cause of the problem, not just the symptom.

In most cases, the police response will not be to attend immediately as anti-social behaviour is not normally classed as an incident which requires an urgent response. The police understand that this may frustrate you, but research has shown that upon police arrival the anti-social behaviour has usually already stopped.

So what will the police do? 'Problem solving' is about getting to the heart of the problem - asking why there is anti-social behaviour in this area. Who is causing it? Who is the victim of it? By carefully researching these issues the police can normally come up with a solution that will prevent further anti-social behaviour. The police will therefore gather the necessary evidence and work in partnership with other agencies to provide a solution.

This policy is adopted for most cases of anti-social behaviour, e.g., playing football in the street. However, it does not mean an officer will not attend where it is known that specific offences are, or have been, committed, for example criminal damage. Local Community Beat Officers may also be able to advise you about tackling anti-social behaviour. They can be contacted by ringing your local police station.