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Just like your home, thieves can target it to get at your possessions, or even try to steal the caravan itself.

Use a hitch lock that covers the towing hitch bolts to stop your caravan being towed away. Leg locks are also an effective way of stopping your van from being towed. These preventing a thief from raising the legs. Sturdy wheel clamps offer a high level of security, so choose wheel clamps which are strong, but also easy to fit.

Padlock gas cylinders to fixing clamps on older caravans and keep gas compartments locked on newer models. If you have an especially valuable caravan it might be worth fitting a tracking device. 'Sold Secure' test caravan security devices, so check out their website for a list of highly rated products.

When it comes to preventing thieves from breaking into your caravan, we offer the following advice: always lock up before you leave. Even if leaving your caravan for just a short while, make sure you close all doors, windows and any sunroofs. Fit an alarm and window locks, and don't forget to use them. Draw the curtains and use timing switches to turn on lights while your out. Consider leaving a radio on as well on so that it both looks and sounds like your caravan is occupied.

Try not to leave valuables in your caravan, unless they are well hidden and never leave your vehicle registration documents inside, as these could help a thief sell it on. Finally, property marking is a useful way of preventing a theft or getting your possessions back if stolen. For contents of your caravan see our section on Property marking.

For marking the caravan itself, it's worth noting that since 1992 the National Caravan Council (NCC) recognised manufacturers have stamped the vehicle identification number (VIN) on the vehicle chassis. This 17-digit number has also been etched into the windows. Check your caravan and if it isn't marked in this way, get it done. Also see Security etching for more information.

Another idea is to mark the roof of your caravan with your postcode to help police identify it from the air if stolen. Although, only do this in a way that can be removed without damaging the caravan itself, in case you ever wish to sell it on. Speak to your local police or caravan club for more information.