Your Home - CCTV

Left AlignWe've all seen closed circuit television camera (CCTV) systems in public places such as shopping malls and in the street.

But they're also becoming quite popular among homeowners too as a crime prevention tool.

Simple black and white surveillance systems are now fairly cheap to buy and you can install them yourself quite easily. Cameras can also be set to record what's going on outside your home while your out, keep an eye on your car, or even view certain rooms inside your home. These can all be activated by sensors similar to those used on security lights or alarm systems or can record "time lapse" images, taking still pictures every now and then.There are some issues you need to consider if installing any kind of personal CCTV system. Cameras should only be pointed at your own property - you don't want to be accused of spying on other people. You can buy "covert" systems disguised as lamps outside your home, or even teddy bears for inside. Think carefully about the ethics of spying on your children or nannies (as is becoming popular in the USA). You should only consider this if you're pretty sure there is something to be worried about. Take a look around your local DIY store to see the kind of equipment currently available.