Your Family - Credit Card Theft

Left AlignOver £300 million is spent every year on stolen credit cards.

In addition to stealing a credit card, "skimming", has made keeping hold of your credit card even more important.

Skimming happens when someone copies the magnetic stripe on a credit or debit card by swiping it through a small card reader. This can happen in shops, restaurants or anywhere where you might pay with your card, and it results in your card details being used to make a counterfeit card.

Guard your card and never let it out of your sight when making a transaction, and don't carelessly discard receipts as they carry information about your card that a fraudster could use to buy things over the phone or internet. Check your receipts against your statements carefully, and if you don't recognise a purchase, contact your card issuer immediately.

Sign new cards as soon as they arrive and make sure you cut up your old card as soon as the new one becomes valid. Don't keep your chequebook with your cards, and look after all your personal possessions properly. And report lost or stolen cards to your card issuer immediately, a 24-hour emergency number is usually shown on your statement.