Common Questions - Motoring and Documents

What should I do if I have lost my driving licence?

You should contact the DVLNI urgently for a duplicate. Failure to produce your driving licence could result in the matter being dealt with by the magistrates court.

My driving licence has been seized. Who do I need to contact to get it back?

Any queries relating to driving licences which have been taken from a driver by a police officer or a court in relation to endorsable offences should be directed to: The Clerk to the Justices of the court which covers the area where the offence happened.

I have lost the note that requires me to produce my driving documents at a local police station. What should I do?

You are under a legal obligation to produce your documents within seven days of being requested to do so by the officer who gave you the form.

You must take all the documents you were asked to produce (driving licence, insurance certificate and MOT certificate), to the police station that you nominated at the time. If you cannot remember which station you stated at the time, you can take them to any police station within your force area.

When you attend the police station, you will need to tell the person in the front office the time, date and location where you were stopped.