Your Home - Electrical Appliances

Left AlignElectrical equipment such as televisions, video recorders, personal computers and DVD players are things that thieves can find easy to steal.

Follow our useful tips and advice and you can reduce the risk of losing your TV to burglars.

Quick tip:
For about £1 you can buy an ultra-violet pen to write you postcode on your electrical goods and valuables, such as your TV. It's almost invisible to the naked eye, but the police can see it with a special lamp.

One thing you can do to help prevent this kind of crime is refuse any "too good to be true" offers in the local pub, second hand store or at a car boot sale. Be wary and keep an eye open for marked property, and if you suspect anyone is trading in stolen goods report it to the police. Of course, if you don't want to identify yourself when reporting an incident or sighting, simply call Crimestoppers anonymously.

But if you don't want your property to end up being sold off cheaply in the local pub, there are a number of things you can do to protect it.

Try to prevent people from seeing into your home, you don't want to advertise your personal possessions to just anyone. Draw your curtains at night, but not during the day as this makes it look like you're out. Venetian or vertical blinds are good as these can be positioned to allow light in to your home but restrict viewing from the outside.

Also, think about buying "lock down" devices for your personal computer, which fix your PC to the wall, floor or desk using a security cable or plate. Remember to regularly back-up important data held on your computer. It's bad enough having your PC stolen without losing all the information held on it. You can also buy lock down plates for video recorders, DVD players and TVs, although these can be more difficult to get hold of and might restrict your options if you need to spring clean!

Some brands of electrical goods even have built-in security devices, such as video recorders with PIN numbers that prevent others using them. So browse round the shops before making your choice. Check what other security devices are available at your local DIY or computer store and don't forget property marking is vital for all electrical equipment.