Your Home - Going Away on Holiday

Left AlignWhen you go on holiday and leave your home unoccupied you are at risk from opportunistic burglars.

To allow yourself to relax completely while away from your home, reduce the risk of burglary by following this advice.

Remember to cancel milk and newspaper deliveries. You don't want to make it obvious that you're away by having milk bottles or newspapers pile up on your doorstep. It's also a good idea to cut your lawns just before you go away, or get a neighbour to trim them while you're on holiday. Again this makes it look like you're still around and you could always return the favour when your neighbour goes away.

Get automatic timer switches to switch lights and possibly a radio on and off in different rooms. Also, it might seem obvious, but make sure your property is secure - check windows and doors are locked and don't forget to secure your shed or garage, and remember to set your burglar alarm if you have one.

If you and your family need to get to the airport or station ask a friend to take you in their car. If you must take a taxi or mini cab, use a firm that is known to you and that you are sure you can trust. In addition, if you leave your car in the drive it can give the impression you are still at home.

Don't overly publicise the fact that you and your family are going away. You never know who might be listening in or who else could find out.

The help of a friend or neighbour can be invaluable, so give someone you trust a spare key and your alarm code in case there is a problem. Ask if they would be happy to go in each morning and evening to open and close curtains to make the house look more lived in. Again, you could do the same for them when they go on holiday.