Projects - Home Security

Home security devices, including smartwater, door peepholes/intercoms, and attack alarms are available at cost price from the Good Morning Project and Magherafelt Community Safety Partnership. 

By simply applying traces of SmartWater to your belongings and displaying SmartWater labels on your windows and doors, a powerful warning is sent to the criminal fraternity which is proven to be an effective deterrent.

SmartWater works on all possessions, valuables and assets, including vehicles.

Door Viewer
The Minder DV100 View-Com has been specifically designed to help reduce the increase in Distraction Burglary. The DV100 is a revolutionary unique low cost door entry system with a built in wide angle door viewer and an easy to use two way intercom.

Personal Alarm
Recommended as the best personal alarm available (as seen on BBC TV). It is not surprising that the MINDER is widely regarded as the leader in personal alarms.

Combining a 140dB siren at source, panic/test button and ABS construction.

The MINDER comes complete with window/door mounting bracket, 9v heavy duty battery fitted.