Common Questions - Internet

Right Align
I keep receiving unsolicited e-mails via the internet and I think some of them contain pornographic images. What can I do?

Protect your email address. Only distribute it to those people who you wish to have it. If you do find yourself receiving a lot of unsolicited e-mails, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They can block future emails from the sender.

Educate yourself about filtering. A number of e-mail programs have filtering features that let you set criteria to stop unwanted e-mail before it reaches your computer, or, once it does, to move it to a trash box where you can delete it without reading it.
The receipt of pornographic images can be quite distressing, however, the possession of and distribution of adult pornography - the majority of images that are received - is, as a general rule, not illegal.

What may be distressing to one person may not be to another. In a case like this it is a matter for the individual concerned whether or not to report this to your local police, who will advise you accordingly.