Common Questions - Motoring and L Drivers

When can learner drivers drive on the road?

Generally, unless the vehicle is a motor cycle or constructed so as to only carry the driver, all provisional driving licence holders MUST, when driving on the road, be accompanied by a full licence holder who is over 21 years of age and has held a full British or EEC licence for the class of that vehicle for a minimum of 3 years (a provisional licence and 'pass slip' does not count).

The vehicle must also display 'L' plates on the front and rear of the vehicle.

When should drivers use ‘R' plates?

'R' plates may be displayed on a vehicle by a person who has recently passed his/her driving test for 12 months.

What are the minimum ages for driving?

The following list is not exhaustive and is only a rough guide.

16 Years
• Mopeds
• Small invalid carriages
• Mowing machines
• Some agricultural tractors
• Some small cars or vans if in receipt of a Mobility Allowance

17 Years
• Motorcycles and scooters (with or without sidecar)
• Cars/vans
• Large agricultural tractors
• Small road rollers
• HGVs if armed forces

18 Years
• Some small goods vehicles
• Some large passenger vehicles under special circumstances
• Some HGVs under special circumstances