Your Home - Exterior Lights

Left AlignUsing external lighting that has been properly fitted and well positioned outside your home can be an excellent deterrent to burglars and other unwelcome visitors.

Whether you prefer regular lighting, or external lamps that automatically illuminate in response to outside movement, they are an effective way of providing you with a sense of security, and can also help you find your door keys, rather than fumbling around in the dark.

Installing low-level dusk to dawn lighting rather than lights triggered by motion detectors is recommended. This is because a constant environmentally friendly light source is a more effective deterrent than motion triggered lighting that cause pollution and no-one checks when they are set off. They also suggest you consider the following advice before installing your floodlights:
It is normally unnecessary to use a lamp of more than 150 watts (2000 lumens). Lights with more power than this will cause glare, create shadows and won't be popular with neighbours

Often, floodlights are fitted with motion detectors that activate the light when anyone enters the space around your home. Always follow the instructions for fitting these lamps so that small animals or birds don't accidentally set them off repeatedly during the night - causing false alarm and annoyance

If a motion detector is fitted you should be able to aim this without moving the light to ensure that only people on your own property set it off

Lights should be pointed down so that they only shine on your property. If they shine on other houses or through neighbours' windows it is considered a form of pollution. Take notice and be understanding of any complaints, otherwise your neighbour may rightfully inform the authorities.

Security lights can be easily tampered with from ground level. Position them high enough so they cannot be reached.

As an alternative to floodlights, the Institute of Lighting Engineers recommend low power bulkhead or porch lights. These are cheap to run and provide gentle lighting, meaning they can be left on all night if you wish. Other options include garden lights, some of which run on solar power. These can be expensive, but make a property attractive and provide the same security benefits as other external lights.