Your Home - Feeling Safe at Home

Left AlignAttacks on people in their homes are extremely rare, and there's no reason to panic that it's going to happen to you.

Take some simple precautions to give yourself that extra peace of mind. Make sure your house or flat is kept secure, use window locks or latches that allow you to leave the ground floor windows slightly open on a hot day, but only do this when you are around, otherwise keep them shut.

If other people, such as previous owners or occupiers, still have keys that can open your doors, then change the locks. Don't leave your keys with tradesman or anyone else you don't know well, as they can easily be copied.

Don't let people into your home that you don't know. See our section on bogus callers for further advice.

If you are selling your home try not to be the only one at home when people come to look round. Always arrange visits through your estate agent.

Draw your curtains after dark and if you notice anything suspicious call the police straightaway. If you think an intruder is in your home it's largely down to you as to what action to take. You might simply wish to stay quiet until you are certain the intruder has left or you might want to shout loudly - "Is someone there?" - this is often enough to send most burglars running.

You are allowed to use "reasonable force" to remove someone from your property or to restrain them. However, you must think carefully before taking this course of action, if you over react you run the risk of being prosecuted yourself. On the other hand, the cost to replace the property you are trying to protect may be small compared with the risk of being attacked. Always consider your own personal safety before anything else.