Common Questions - Stolen Vehicles

My car has been stolen. What should I do?

Call your local police station. DO NOT CALL 999 to report your car stolen unless the crime has just been committed, for example, if you see the thieves driving your vehicle away.

Will the police attend?

In cases where the offence may have been committed several hours ago and the offender has left the scene, it is unlikely the Police will attend because this would not be a good use of police officers' time. Instead, they will take full details over the phone and pass these to patrolling officers. Details will also be placed on the Police Central Vehicle Index for circulation province wide.

What will happen if the police find my vehicle?

The Police will attempt to contact the owner. If the owner cannot be contacted the Police will be remove the vehicle to a secure garage for safe keeping. This will reduce the chances of it being stolen again or targeted by vandals, which often happens to abandoned vehicles.

Vehicles may be examined for evidence.

You should be aware there will be a fee to pay to the garage before you can have your car back. This is a statutory fee which you can claim back from your insurance company. The money is kept by the garage to offset the costs of removing your vehicle.