Your Home - Jewellery & Valuables

Left AlignJewellery and other small valuable items are especially attractive to thieves.

If you have very expensive jewellery that you only wear every so often, deposit it at your bank where it will be much safer. Although you're bank is likely to charge you for this service, you may also find that your insurer will charge you less - so remember to ask them for a discount.

When keeping jewellery or other small valuable items at home there are few things you could consider. Firstly never leave valuable items loose in a drawer or in a jewellery box. They are the first places a burglar will look. Don't leave jewellery on a bedside table or anywhere else in view. And try not to keep it anywhere too obvious, like the top of your wardrobe.

You could consider keeping your jewellery in a floor safe or a well-hidden strong box. If you don't have a safe, then at least spread your jewellery and valuables around your home, using a number of different hiding places. And store valuable documents in a flame retardant security box or safe.

When out and about follow the same rules as for all your personal possessions and take the a few additional precautions. Don't take rings off when washing your hands in a public place, even if only for a few seconds. When travelling abroad, store jewellery and small valuables in your hand luggage and not in your suitcase. Only take things away with you that you really need. At hotels store valuables in the safe deposit or use an electronic room safe - the kind that allows you to programme the code number for access.

Finally, get your jewellery and other valuables valued regularly and speak to your insurer about any other precautions you should take.